Mobile Application, Software Prices 2023

April 23, 2020
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You want to get a mobile application but don’t know how much to spend on it? We are here to help! You can learn how much to spend with our mobile application price calculation guide. Spoiler – Mobile application prices in 2021 range from $7.000 to $250.000. Do not forget all the firms that give service in Edvido are professional software firms.

In this article we’re gonna share mobile application prices of companies serving in the mobile software category in with you. We will examine the prices in 5 categories (Native, Hybrid, IOS, Android and E-Commerce). After examining prices we’ll compare these five types of mobile software with their pros and cons. Let’s start.

IOS Mobile Application Prices 

iOS is a mobile operating system that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iOS based mobile applications can be written with Objective-C or Swift programming languages. 

Due to 2018 data in 2018 15% of people use Apple phones.


Android Mobile Software Prices  

Android is an operating system that were developed by Google. Android based mobile applications is developed by Java programming language.

Due to 2018 data in 2018 85% of people use phones that have Android OS.

Native mobile applications are developed for one mobile operating system. In that case there will be need for two different mobile application for both IOS and Android. 

Even though Native mobile applications cost more expensive, it can be more advantageous about speed and user experience than Hybrid solutions.

You can find detailed comparison of Native and Hybrid solutions below.

You can calculate Native mobile applications’ prices with collecting Android and IOS development prices. 

Hybrid Mobile Application Prices

Hybrid applications can work both in IOS and Android operating system. It does not require two different coding process as Native does.

E-Commerce Mobile Application Prices

Europe E-Commerce market has been over 60 billion TL as of 2018, after the revolution that E-Commerce sites created, we are also living another revolution: Mobile E-Commerce.

The number of people who downloaded Trendyol mobile application has reached 20 billion.


Hybrid vs Native 

The choice between Native and Hybrid mobile application development depends on many factors such as business requirements, product requirements, user requirements, capability of the firm and timelines. Consequently, every application type gives a different experience and it is important to know both pros and cons before starting to develop.





Development Costs

Usually more expensive than Hybrid applications.

Usually cheaper.


Native applications have more performance because coding structure and images Works in device’s memory.

It may perform poorly because a lot of data comes from server.

User Experience

User experience can be effective since the interface occur proper to device’s interface.

You are totally free about interface design.

Maintenance and Update

Maintenance and updating can be difficult and costly because there are more than one code.

Since the system works on a single code maintenance and updating can be easy and fast.

Advantages of Native Application (+)

  • Native applications get full support from Google Play Store and AppStore. Gets more highlight from these stores than hybrid does.
  • Native applications can fully use all the features of operating system.
  • Native mobile applications’ user experience is better than others’ user experience. Application seems more natural since it uses operating systems’ original interfaces.

Disadvantages of Native Application (-)

  • Developing Native application require really experienced programmers who can use difficult programming languages.
  • It is more expensive than Hybrid applications because it requires two different programming.
  • It should not use for simple applications.

Advantages of Hybrid Applications (+)

  • It is easier to develop Hybrid applications.
  • Hybrid applications are written once and then it can be running on every device.
  • It can be updated easier than Native applications.
  • It economically costs less than Native applications. This is the most important advantage of Hybrid applications.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Applications (-)

  • Hybrid applications cannot show really good performance about user experience.
  • Hybrid applications may not use device’s all features
  • Hybrid applications works slower than Native applications.



Factors That Affect Mobile Application Prices

We’ve mentioned in the beginning that attend of using mobile application has been increased. Therefore, investment for mobile applications increased. 

Listen to the factors that affects mobile application prices from Westerops Software.

In the point that we say mobile application development there is a few key points:

  • Features and functions that application will have. (Payment system, location etc.) 
  • UX/UI Design
  • Platform (IOS, Android, Hybrid)
  • Technology
  • Maintenance and Updates

We can see all of them as factors that affect mobile application prices. Now let’s examine them in more detail. 

Effects of Features That Mobile Application Will Have to The Cost

As the number of features increase software gets more complicated and it requires more programmer and time. This causes making mobile applications’ prices to get more expensive. At this point it is necessary to answer a few important questions. 

Which features has priority?

Which features should definitely be in the application?

Features That Are Used Frequently

1) UI Optimization for Tablet Devices 

If you want to give a perfect experience to your customers in also tablet devices, you need this feature. However, if you do not have a lot of customers, it is a feature that you can reckon without.

2) Support for Old IOS and Android Versions

The more versions your mobile application supports, the more your costs increase. At this point it may make sense to focus on most used new versions.

3) Offline Mode

If you want your mobile application to work without a network connection, you may need to pay an extra price between 5.000 – 15.000 TL. Even though offline gives a perfect user experience it can reckon without in the first version.

4) Push Notifications

Notifications are indispensable part of mobile applications. Mobile application that does not send notification to its users may be very inefficient.

5) Membership

Will there be a profile page for your users in your mobile application? The answer is ‘Yes’ for a lot of applications. Especially in e-commerce applications there is need for profile to cargo tracking, order history etc. 

6) Multiple Language Option

If you do not have a global user audience, this is also a feature that you can reckon without.

7) In-App Messaging

This feature is indispensable for marketplace applications but a lot of mobile application do not have this feature. 

8) Mobile Advertisement

If you consider to take ads in your mobile application, you may need this feature. However, if you think an application without ads, you can decrease the cost by reckon without this feature.

9) User Data and Analytic 

Analytic tools give a lot of data to you about your users. For example: 

How many people use your app actively?

Users’ demographic and significative characteristics. 

How do your users reach your app?

What kind of actions are your users taking?

If you say you don’t need this data, you may reckon without this feature. However, we definitely suggest you to do this integration.

10) Payment Systems, QR Code, Navigation vb.

Payment system must exist in all apps that sell products. Other features may change according to the application.

To determining which features are compulsory and have priority and making your app in simplest way would make sense.

Öncelikli ve zorunlu özellikleri tespit ederek ürününüzü basit halde çıkmak maliyet açısından mantıklı olacaktır.

We can divide mobile applications into 3 in term of their features.

1) Simple Applications

Simple apps don’t communicate with any data base and they don’t collect user data.

2) Mid-Scale Applications

Mid-scale applications are apps that have a lot of different features. For example: E-Commerce apps, Reservation apps etc.

In these types of apps users have a personal account. They can comment and buy products via payment system.

3) Complex Apps

These types of apps include real time synchronization, voice recognition, VR, AR and a lot of interaction.

Effects of Number of Screens to the Cost

The more screen in app the more cost increase. It makes the program more complicated and software company allow more time to develop. Therefore, the cost gets more expensive.

If you want to decrease the cost, we suggest you to start with your privileged screens.

Effects of Platform to the Cost

(Cost of the app is directly connected with the platform that the app will be developed in. Ex: iOS, Android)

You should analyze your target group while you choose the platform. Which device your target group mostly use it may sufficient to start with an app that will work only in those devices. However, you should better remember that Android market share is 85% and iOS’s is 15%. 


Advantages of Getting an iOS Mobile Application (+)

iOS users spend more than Android users. 

Disadvantages of Getting an iOS Mobile Application (-)

Apple frequently update program. This situation may increase your maintenance cost.

Advantages of Getting an Android Mobile Application (+)

Android users dominate the market with 85% market share. 

Disadvantages of Getting an Android Mobile Application (-)

Android users spend less than iOS users.

If you definitely need both platform and your budget is not enough, you may consider to get a Hybrid mobile application.

Effects of Maintenance and Updates to the Cost

When a new Android or iOS version comes out your app may need to get an update. These types of updates may cost 10% of the initial cost.

Effects of Design to the Cost

It is a fact that perfectly designed apps get more customers. Yet there is a price for great designs. 

User experience has been always more efficient with awesome designs. User experience is everything for your app. Your conversion rate, completing targets rate etc. is all connected with user’s experience. 

At this point design and experience quality is totally depends on the firm you’ve got serve. If you want the really good one, it will increase your mobile application development cost.

How to Decrease Application Cost?

Cross-Platform (Hybrid) Program Develop Method May be Preferred

Hybrid mobile applications can work all of platforms like iOS, Android without any need to two different program and only with one coding. 

This method may decrease your cost to its half price. Before you decide, you can read our Native vs Hybrid examination above. 

Programming Languages That Can Develop Hybrid Programs:

1- React Native

2- Xamarin

3- PhoneGap

4- Ionıc

5- Angular

In the following section of our article, you can find all mobile software languages with advantages and disadvantages.

Start Only with Privilege Features

If you don’t have enough budget for features you’ve planned, you can consider your product to come out as MVP. Open version of MVP is most viable product.


You take less risk with putting only necessary features to your product via MVP method. 

Other Costs That May Appear in Process of Developing Mobile Application

After process of developing mobile application some uncounted costs may appear.

For example, did you count application management cost? How much it will cost when you want to add a new product?

Let’s examine some costs that are most likely to forgotten.

Test Costs

Unfortunately, there is not something such as faultless program. Programs that answer mobile need of our day are so huge that it is usually not possible to make an impeccable program in one trial. Because of this, your program needs to be tried continually by test users. 

Even though test is not a very costly work, fixing errors may cause some costs to appear according to the agreement between you and the firm you’ve had agreed.

User Agreement and Privacy Policy

Agreements may seem unimportant but it is really important both for your and for users’ rights to be in assurance. Your app needs six main agreements: Terms of Use, Privacy, User Agreement, Cookie Policy and Terms of Service. (Some different agreements may be needed depends on the works you do)

You may need to work with a law office for your legal needs like these and this may cause extra costs.


We wanted to mention to marketing and selling expenses even though they are not included in mobile application developing budget. You can work with software firms to get a mobile app but how will you market your app? How will users explore your app that stands at a remote point in Appstore?

Mobile applications usually got marketed via digital marketing channels. Most preferred methods are SEO, digital advertising and social media.

If your firm don’t have an expert digital marketing team, you may consider to work with a professional digital marketing agency. If you already don’t have an agency to call, you can get quotes for all of your advertising and marketing needs in 


Every mobile app has continually maintenance cost after its development done. You can consider it as 20% of initial investment cost (annual).


It is really important to calculate server -that your data will be saved in- costs with every detail. If you are a b2c or social media company which have a lot of online users, you may get in trouble because of incredibly increasing server costs.

Technical Support

Who will your users find when they had a problem or have something to ask?

Nowadays all users want to find someone to talk with every moment. When they cannot they lose their trust for the brand. For this reason, you should think about technical support with details and calculate its cost. 

Mobile Application Price Offer

Price is always been the most important buying factor for companies. The more you collect price offer and meet firms the more your chance to make the right decision increases. At exactly this point, we developed Edvido for you. Edvido finds mobile software firms that are proper for your budget and targets with its advanced match algorithm. In 30 minutes after you make a request, software firms that are proper for your budget communicate with you.

You can also get quotes from mobile software firms via making requests at Edvido.

How to Choose the Right Software Firm? Which Questions Should You Ask to Your Software Firm? 

Edvido can meet you with tens of trustable mobile software firms but the last decision is always yours. At this point we’ve prepared a few qu9estions for you to get to know software firms closely and we put them in two categories.

How can you know better the software firm you will work with? Listen from Westerops Software. 

Recognition Questions

  • Can you talk about your project develop process?
  • How will we communicate during program develop process? Do you mind if we keep in touch every day?
  • Will programmers who take care with our project also take care with other projects?
  • Which programming language will you use?
  • Will source code belong with us?
  • Can I talk with the programmers who is in charge of our project?

Trading Questions

  • Why should we work with you?
  • Did you develop a project that is similar to ours before?
  • Do I have a chance to meet with your customers?

Which Mobile Software Firm You Should Work With?

You should give importance to the firm selection. Can you trust everyone to build your house? You should be that much selective in this topic too. One mistake that you do while choose firm can lead you to bankruptcy.  

You have a lot of offers and had a so many meetings, collected information about firms. Well, which one you should work with? We’ve determined 3 criteria to make your work easier.


No matter how much the firm is good, communication must be the most important thing. You should work with a firm that all of their process is clear, keep letting you know improvements and you can always be in touch.


The more people request mobile application the more mobile software prices increase. At this point it is really important you to determine your budget and work with a suitable firm. If you want to get an affordable application, you can prefer boutique software firms. 


It may not make sense for you to trust a team that have never developed a project like yours. You can ask software firms to tell you about similar projects to yours that they’ve made.